Community Engagement Commission

About the Commission

The Community Engagement Commission was established by the City Council in September of 2021.  This member citizen volunteer commission serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council, and will consist of 5-9 members.  The city is currently accepting applications for remaining positions.  If you are interested in being part of this commission, please return an application form via email to  The mayor will review all applications and will conduct interviews. 

The primary functions and focus of the Commission are to:

   - Study and submit recommendations to the mayor and City Council regarding the best methods to actively and sustainably engage residents in co-production - engaging citizens in the planning and implementation  process - for upcoming projects, capital improvements, community initiatives, and other matters as directed by the mayor and City Council.

   - Explore dynamic, creative, responsive, and inclusive methods that may include investment in technology to support community connections and information sharing.

   - Advocate for the active engagement of all residents through a variety of methods and platforms to ensure that there is sufficient and various opportunity for citizens to meaningfully engage and offer their perspective to the mayor and City Council.

   - Mobilize and maintain a sustainable network of community leaders who will work to solicit and gain input from local community areas that facilitates co-production now and as the city grows and changes.

   - Ensure that the work of the Community Engagement Commission does not duplicate efforts of the city, city staff, and other city commissions, but rather complements and supports the overall mission and goals of the city.

   - Establish effective relationships with existing and future city commissions to ensure that co-production is a core focus that guides citizen input. 


Meetings began in March 2022, with regular meetings currently being scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Liberty Lake City Hall (with Zoom option also available).  Recordings of meetings are posted on the City of Liberty Lake's YouTube channel.

• Access meeting agendas and minutes here on our Agenda Center.

Ordinance No. 277 establishing the CEC

To view Ordinance No. 277 for additional details on the Commission, click here.

Robin Bekkedahl, chair Position 1
Bill Norman Position 2
Jennifer Kosaka Position 3
Summer Darrow, vice chair Position 4
Cynthia Godinez Position 5
Currently vacant Position 6  
Currently vacant Position 7  
Aaron Asmus Position 8
Mark Saba Position 9