Boards, commissions and committees

If you are interested in participating on a Board, Commission or Committee please fill out an application and apply at City Hall.  Some openings are currently available on the Community Engagement Commission (as of 1/2024).  

• CLICK HERE for City Advisory Board and Commission Application (PDF version)
CLICK HERE for the Application for City Advisory Boards and Commissions (electronic version)

City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission studies and makes recommendations to the mayor and City Council on issues related to development codes, Liberty Lake's comprehensive plan, and other areas related to the city's future growth.

Civil Service Commission

The 3-member Civil Service Commission meets monthly to assist in regulating the employment functions of the city's police department.

Community Engagement Commission

The Community Engagement Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the mayor and City Council on methods and resources to actively and sustainably engage residents on city projects and initiatives, as well as obtain community input.

Library Board of Trustees

The Library Board is an appointed body responsible for helping determine and oversee the mission, policies, and general management of the city's municipal library.

  1. Lodging Tax Advisory Committee 

    The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee reviews and makes recommendations on the use of the city's 3.3% lodging tax funds. The committee involves representatives from local businesses and organizations, as well as one elected official of the city.

  2. Parks and Arts Commission   

    The Parks and Arts Commission is a citizen advisory volunteer group that reviews and makes recommendations on the city's recreation programs, park use, and public artwork.

  3. Salary Commission

    The Salary Commission is composed of 3 members who meet to base salaries of elected officials on realistic standards so that the elected officials may be paid according to the duties of their offices.