Mission, Vision, & Values


Liberty Lake Municipal Library provides resources, opportunities, experiences, and services to inspire, entertain, and empower the community to connect, learn, and grow.


As the heart of the community, the Liberty Lake Municipal Library preserves yesterday, informs today, and inspires tomorrow.

Core Values

Safe and Welcoming: Provide a safe, supportive environment for all.
Open Access: Provide open, equitable access to information and ideas across the community.
Good stewardship: Demonstrate responsible management of the library’s financial and material resources.
Lifelong Learning: Provide opportunities for discovery, innovation, inquiry, and growth.
Customer Focus: Provide exceptional positive and rewarding experiences.
Intellectual Freedom: Provide open access to all points of view.
Community Success: Be an engaged and valued community partner.

Core Services

Lend library materials
Maintain a diverse collection of materials in physical and electronic formats
Connect patrons with books and other materials
Present programs addressing community needs and interests
Provide access to computers, connectivity, and other technology resources
Deliver expert information and research assistance
Maintain safe and welcoming spaces

Community Needs Assessment & Library Master Plan

In 2019, Liberty Lake Municipal Library worked with a consultant to conduct a community needs assessment and library master plan. The master plan included a strategic plan and space needs assessment. Read the final report from that project here