How do I return items?

Items may be returned to the Returns/Information Desk or the inside book drop. Please be careful returning media, magazines, and fragile items to avoid damage. The Library also has an overnight book drop for returns when the Library is closed. All materials may be returned to this book drop. Items returned when the Library is closed will be checked in on the next day the Library is open and backdated to the last open day. Liberty Lake Municipal Library belongs to the Cooperative Information Network. Items borrowed from any CIN library may be returned to any other CIN library. The Library no longer charges overdue fines but damaged or lost materials are charged the replacement cost. Contact Circulation at 509-435-0778 for information about fees. You can receive an email notification when an item is checked in and cleared from your account by going to the CIN catalog and signing in with your library card number and Password/PIN (default password is last name in ALL CAPS). Select the “my messaging” tab, check the box next to the notifications you would like to receive, and click “Submit Changes.”

Sign into your account to select notifications.

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