Law Enforcement Training

April 13 – Crisis Response: De-Escalation Skills (Current Topics): This course presents the social, behavioral, legal, ethical, and tactical considerations intended to de-escalate a situation or prevent escalation into an undesirable confrontation. Register at:

April 14 – Policing in Black & White: Implicit Bias & De-Escalation Skills (Current Topics Policing in Black & White): This program discusses in-depth understanding of bias, how to identify it and avoid the process of racial profiling. Register at:

June 7 – Emotional Intelligence (Officer Health & Wellness): This course will provide an understanding of what EI is, how it applies to individuals. how to develop strategies for improvement of EI, and how to take what they have learned and apply it in their personal and professional lives. Register at:

June 8 – Avoiding Burnout (Officer Health & Wellness) From Fatigue to Fulfillment: This course discusses the need for self-care in law enforcement and provides wellness strategies to assist in overcoming career burnout. Register at:

June 9 – Leading At-Risk Employees (Officer Health & Wellness): This exploratory, interactive course will educate current upcoming law enforcement executives on the latest information regarding alcohol/drug abuse, post-traumatic stress, stress/anxiety, depression, and suicide within the law enforcement community. Register at:

October 17-21 - Basic Crime Scene Investigation: This 40 hour hands-on course is designed to familiarize beginner to intermediate level police personnel with the basic technical skills needed to identify, document, preserve and collect the most common types of physical evidence found at crime scenes. Students will work through numerous practical exercises to establish baseline knowledge in everything from crime scene documentation and photography to collecting various types of evidence for submission to crime laboratories. Forza Forensics is committed to working with your organization's personnel to make them better equipped to handle any investigative situation.