Holly Woodruff

City Council
Title: Council Member (Position 7)
Phone: 509-279-4884

On February 23rd, 2021, Mayor Kaminskas broke the tie which brought Holly Woodruff on to the Liberty Lake City Council. This vote came after the Mayor and Council interviewed members of the community via zoom, that had applied for the vacant position. Since then, Councilmember Woodruff has been adjusting to the new position, and adjusting quite well.

Holly Woodruff joined the community three and a half years ago after purchasing her home while on a trip in Philadelphia. Knowing she wanted to move closer to her daughter and her family, she took the chance on what ended up being the perfect home. Holly has two other children who live out of state and is the proud grandmother to 5 grandsons. Her hobbies include jogging around the community, enjoying some oldies music and true crime podcasts. You may have seen her walking her dog, Jesse James, during the wintertime. In August of 2020, she and her longtime partner Lora were married in her daughter’s backyard, accompanied by family and friends via zoom. They hope to have full celebration when it is safer.

But the last three and a half years cannot begin to cover Holly. She was the first female TV engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio at just nineteen years old. She was also the first female Chief Engineer at a local radio station in Cincinnati at twenty-three. At twenty-six, she became one of two female engineers in piping and supports at a nuclear power plant construction site in Moscow, Ohio. She accomplished all of this, none of which were small feats, without a college degree. She did go on to achieve her Bachelor and Master of Social Work from Indiana University.

Holly plays guitar and played rhythm guitar for a band called Wild Dreamers in high school, as well as playing clarinet, saxophone, and joining both the concert and marching bands. Reading is a hobby of hers, and her favorite genre is mystery. She describes herself as a Beatles fan forever and enjoys 60’s music.

She has spent her time in Liberty Lake so far by joining the Friends of the Liberty Lake Municipal Library, leading as president the last two years, having served for almost three. WinterGlow may not have seen the success that it did if Holly had not been the volunteer lead the last two years. The Salary Commission benefitted from her dedication as well, as she just ended her term after serving from 2018-2020.

To say Holly Woodruff is a valued member of the council would be an understatement. Her knowledge, passion, and drive are just a few of the things that make her stand out and make her such a welcome addition to the City. We hope the community will join us in welcoming her as a fantastic addition to the Council!


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