Curricula for children with Autism

  • ABC Mouse - Though not specifically for children with Autism, ABC Mouse lets children learn at their own pace and helps children build a strong foundation for future academic success by providing a comprehensive and engaging online curriculum to greatly assist early learners in pre-k, kindergarten, and early elementary school programs. The curriculum has been designed in close collaboration with nationally recognized early childhood education experts.
  • All About Learning Press offers two different programs: All About Reading and All About Spelling. The company’s mission is to take the struggle out of reading and spelling for both the student and the parent. Preschool-aged students and Kindergarteners can begin with the Pre-Reading and Pre-Spelling programs. They advance to Levels 1-4. An interactive kit is also available, and consists of things like letter tiles, divider cards, magnets, and more.
  • Apologia is a homeschool curriculum rooted in the Christian faith. This award-winning curriculum is suitable for any child, K-12. Whether one chooses tangible textbooks or online courses, parents can be sure their child is receiving a solid base knowledge of subjects tackled. Parents speak especially highly of Apologia’s science curriculum.
  • Calvert Education’s secular curriculum has been around for more than 100 years. and Thousands of homeschool families, military families, professional child actors and athletes have chosen it as their preferred education. Though Calvert is not designed specifically for students on the autism spectrum, the curriculum’s completely flexible set-up appeals to many students on the ASD spectrum. Students and their parents can choose to finish an entire program (grade level). Or they can choose from a list of individual courses and subjects, depending upon the student’s interest and ability level.
  • TeachTown is one of the most popular curriculum when it comes to homeschooling a child with autism. Two tracks are available, TeachTown Basic and TeachTown Social Skills and each track extends to approximately age 12. TeachTown Basic is a mix of computer-based and parent-led learning, offering subjects including: vocabulary, language skills, cognitive skills, other academic subjects. TeachTown Social Skills is an online program available at the elementary and middle school levels. This unique program features relatable animated characters which help students to learn to read social cues, recognize emotion, talk in a group, among other things. Both programs offer a free 30-day trial.