Local Groups & Co-ops

  • Homeschool Co-Op (Liberty Lake Area) a private Facebook group that shares curriculum ideas, activities, success stories, and community resources including those wanting to help or be involved.
  • Spokane Area Homeschool Community

    is a parent-found and run co-op. Parent participation is required and essential to make it successful. Classes are taught by parents or older, capable students. Each family is required to teach a minimum of 2 sessions (generally 7-8 weeks) classes or a full year class. We have classes available from PreK-12.

  • Spokane Christian Homeschooling Families

    is a local group on Facebook to support christian homeschooling families.

  • Spokane Valley Learning Academy

    is a program designed to support homeschool families with enrichment classes, help with curriculum, and moral support from the Central Valley School District. We at SVLA believe in homeschooling and support your decision to do so.

  • Valley Christian School

    was founded for families like yours in 1974 to be committed to a Biblical worldview education for Christian families desiring a discipleship based Christian school or Home School to support your child’s academic advancement. VCS, ASCI & NWAC accredited, assists Christian parents in providing both academic and spiritual development for your child.