TumbleBooks eBooks & eAudiobooks

Limited Offer
TumbleBooks has announced that it will make its family of online libraries available for free, to all public libraries, until at least August 31 due to the Cornona Virus outbreak in the United States. 

What is TumbleBooks?

TumbleBooks is a collection of online eBooks and eAudiobooks with unlimited access from home. Patrons can read as many books as they want, when they want, and on any device.

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TumbleBookLibrary - A collection of animated talking picture books, read-alongs, ebooks, quizzes, lesson plans, and educational games.

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TeenBookCloud - A collection of ebooks and other digital content for Middle School and High School students. 

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AudioBookCloud - A collection of over 1200 streaming audiobooks with dozens of genres and interest levels, including popular literature, classics, children’s and teen books, mystery, sci-fi, history, biography, and more!  

TumbleMathLogo Opens in new windowTumbleMath - A collection of math stories that combine animation, narration, and sound to create a compelling and enticing story book for students of all ages.

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RomanceBookCloud - A vast selection of romance ebooks.