CURRENT Projects

2022 Capital Projects

If you have any questions, please contact the city engineer at 509-867-6219.

Transportation Projects: 

• Harvard Rd Bridge Widening/ Kramer Parkway Overpass: Combines Harvard & Henry Roads, as state funding is intertwined, and depends on credits for ROW, etc. For the Harvard Road bridge widening and ramp improvements, construction has been completed, thought the project has not yet been closed out. Kramer Parkway Overpass and Roadway extension construction is underway, with construction anticipated to continue through 2022. 

•  Country Vista & Legacy Ridge Intersection Improvements: A contract has been awarded for signal installation, with construction anticipated to begin in the spring. 

•  Country Vista Rebuild/Operational Improvements: Improvement costs to include design, construction, inspection, and contingency for pavement replacement and operational corridor improvements to include landscape islands, pedestrian crossings, as may be identified in Network Analysis and Corridor Study, from Liberty Lake Road west to the City limits. Design will be undertaken in 2022 to allow for grant applications to be pursued, with construction planned for 2024 and 2025. 

Country Vista & Appleway Intersection Improvements: Intersection improvements to include design, construction, inspection and contingency, for the addition of a right turn lane. Design in 2022, with construction planned for 2023. 

•  Stormwater Master Plan: With funding from Washington State Department of Ecology’s CMAQ grant, along with a small match from the Stormwater Reserves and Aquifer Protection funds, the master plan will help the City develop a policy and capital improvement plan to maintain and upgrade the City’s stormwater management facilities. 

•  Project Development: This $100,000 is a contingency fund to allow for the design of unplanned roadway repairs. 

• Solar-powered Flashing Speed Signs: This 2022 project includes the cost of equipment and installation of solar-powered flashing speed limit signs on Appleway, between Molter Road and the eastern City limits to promote driver awareness and calm traffic 

  Annual Street Maintenance Allocation: Annual funding for pot-hole repair, crack sealing, restriping, and roadway repairs and maintenance. 

•  Kramer Parkway Partial Reconstruction: Based upon geotechnical evaluation of the roadway, the planned overlay project has been updated to a partial reconstruction project, with cost updated based upon actual design. Originally planned for construction in 2024, construction is now proposed for 2022 based on current roadway conditions. An application has been submitted to TIB for grant funding, with the results of that application anticipated shortly. 

Pedestrian Projects: 

• Sidewalk & Pathway Maintenance: Annual maintenance allocation to address major sidewalk and trail maintenance projects, such as repaving of trails, or repair/replacement of ADA accessible pedestrian ramps, along with minor maintenance and repair activities, to include crack-sealing, sidewalk grinding or lifting, etc. 

• Annual Pedestrian Crossing Allocation: Funding for pedestrian crossing improvements and flashing beacons. Funding proposed to address crossings at Bitterroot & Mission, Boone & Malvern, Boone & Stevenson, Country Vista and Sharp, Harvest Parkway & Nora, and Country Vista Blvd. & Blueridge, to be spread over 2022 and 2023. 

• Sidewalk Improvements on Mission Avenue, Northside, between Aladdin & Caufield: Remaining funds from the sidewalk Improvements to close sidewalk gaps on the north side of Mission from city limits to SW corner of River Crossing East, and Mission Avenue Temporary Trail grindings in 2019. This project will address the final, 330-foot sidewalk gap on north side of Mission Avenue, west of Caulfield & east of Aladdin. Construction planned for spring of 2022. 

Parks & Public Facilities:

•  Trailhead Facility Upgrades: Funding for the demolition and reconstruction of the Trailhead Club house to include the pro shop, offices, a full-service bar and restaurant (lease space), flex space for public meetings/events, and cart storage. This project is approved as a design build with contraction anticipated to be completed in 2023. 

•  Public Works Yard Development: Clearing, grading, site planning, permanent fencing, permanent lighting, electricity, temporary structures, utility installation and frontage improvements have been completed to date. Design for the building and final site improvements is underway. The project is anticipated to be bid in early 2022, with construction to be completed by early 2023. 

• Library Facility Upgrades: Funding to allow the City to hire an architect for the purpose of evaluating the current building’s capacity to accommodate the areas deemed inadequate or poor in the Library Needs Assessment, with funding for improvements as identified by the architect spread over the next several years. 

• Public Art: Funding proposal as recommended in the Strategic Plan by the Parks & Art Commission. 

• Pavillion Park Improvements: Site and facility improvements to include shingle roof replacement; replacement of wind screens; lighting and electrical updates. Staff will prioritize project list based on priority, need and resources. 

• Rocky Hill Park Improvements: Restroom building lighting improvements. 

• City Hall Building Improvements: City Hall campus includes the main building, little house, maintenance shop and site. Maintenance for 2022 includes the following: facility structure repairs including paint, tile flooring and carpeting, lighting updates and doors; fire alarm system and water heater updates.

• Library / Police Dept. Site: Maintenance improvements to site and building include restroom exhaust fans, exterior window replacement and emergency lighting updates. 

Utilities projects by others:

The following utility projects are developer driven and will be constructed by others. They are included in the city’s CFP, however, because they are eligible for reimbursement through TIF/LIFT. 

• River District - Indiana Avenue Sewer (Trutina Development - Harvard Road to east of Harvard Road) 

• River District - Indiana Avenue Water (Trutina Development - Harvard Road to east of Harvard Road) 

• River District - Indiana Avenue Sewer (Bitterroot to Harvard Rd) 

• River District - Indiana Avenue Water (west of Harvard Road to west boundary of Courtyard Plat 2013.Pl0002) 

Transportation projects by others: 

The following transportation capital projects are developer driven, and will be constructed by others. They are included in the city’s CFP, however, because they are eligible for reimbursement through TIF/LIFT. 

Harvard Road & Indiana Avenue intersection improvements 

Harvard Road & Wellington Roundabout 

• Mission Improvements - Harvest Parkway east to Corrigan Road 

Indiana Avenue (Trutina Development - Harvard Rd. to east of Harvard Road) 

• Cataldo Extension & Connection – Phase I (Western States CAT)