Park and Facility Information


Reservation Information

The City of Liberty Lake has 3 large family parks, complete with picnic shelters and sports fields, as well as the Trailhead Banquet room that can be rented out for events!

For park and facility pricing, please email or call (509) 755-6700
 For park and facility applications, please email or stop by City Hall during working business hours (M-F, 8-5) at 22710 E. Country Vista Drive, Liberty Lake, WA. 99019

Please read the following in regards to renting a park space or facility from the City:

  • ALL rental requests must be made no less than 2 weeks (14 working business days) prior to desired event date. Failure to do so may result in rejection of request/ application.
  • Request does not guarantee reservation; dates cannot be held tentatively and are open and available until full payment for the event is received and processed.
  • Payments are not accepted at the time of application, nor are deposits or partial payments of any type accepted during the reservation process. When the time for payment comes, all payments must be made in full to qualify.
  • For applicants wishing to host risk associated activities/events (sports games or practices, athletic events of any type, events with bounce houses or inflatables of any type, etc.) insurance must be obtained and follow the requirements set by the City. Requirements are listed below under Insurance.
  • These rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Director. All requests must be approved by the Reservation Manager and Director.

*Please note that parks and facilities are first come first serve unless a paid and City approved reservation is in place. Users without proper reservation paperwork will be bumped to accommodate those with proper reservation paperwork.


Insurance proof is required for events such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Sports events, games, or practices
  • Events declared as "open to the public", where the expected headcount in attendance is potentially unknown*
  • Athletic events/ classes/ demonstrations such as dance classes, yoga glasses, fitness courses, etc.
  • Events where inflatables, bungee based systems, etc. will be present and used

For these events, the insurance requirements are at the very least:

  • $1 Million Dollar policy per occurrence
  • $2 Million Dollar general aggregate**
  • The City of Liberty Lake listed as an additional insured

Insurance proof bearing the above required must be submitted with all other necessary paperwork at the time of application submission. Failure to do so may result in cancelled application status, or postponed review.

* Public events and their insurance requirements can be up to the discretion of the Director or Reservation Manager.

** General Aggregate amount required may be altered depending on event in question.

Other Requirements

The City requires site plans for all events where food trucks, music/performance stages, inflatables, large equipment for events, etc. will or may be used.
A site plan can be as simple as an overhead aerial picture from Google Maps.
The requirements are that the applicant legibly place markers on the map with proper labels, where each item in question will be.
Request for space for any items requiring a site plan are not guaranteed; all site plans must go through the approval of the Director. The Director reserves the right to change or reject any site plan.

The City of Liberty Lake may require additional permits, insurance, and/or deposit for certain activities, functions, or events. Please refer to City Ordinance No. 142 (PDF) or call Recreation Services for more information.

Damage to City Facilities

The City of Liberty Lake requires that any damage to municipal facilities will be promptly repaired at the user's expense. Damage or excess clean up will be billed to user at actual replacement cost. There are no exceptions. The user hereby guarantees that the public property will be cleaned and returned to the to the condition in which it was found. If upon arrival user identifies a problem with the facility, please contact staff at 509-755-6700 to report the issue.

All facility use permit applications must be submitted to the City of Liberty Lake at least 15 days before the scheduled event date. In most circumstances, the applicant will be notified in writing of approval or disapproval no later than 10 business days after the completed application is submitted to City Hall.

Application may be submitted in person, online or mailed to City Hall. No reservations will be made by phone.