1. Pavillion Park
  2. Rocky Hill
  3. Orchard Park
  4. Town Square

Pavillion Park 727 N Molter Road, LIberty Lake  Click on photo for more info.

Pavilion Park Sign

Parks, Trails, & Open Space

The city of Liberty Lake offers our citizens plenty of parks, trails, and open space. 

The city owns and operates these parks: 
• Orchard Park (20298 E. Indiana Ave., north of I-90) — With a large splash pad and playground, two picnic shelters, and courts for tennis, basketball, and pickleball.  Orchard Park is also the home to the annual Winter Glow lights display during the last several weeks of each year.  The park's flagpole includes a Never Forget Veterans Garden marker that was installed in 2023 by the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Learn more about Orchard Park.
• Pavillion Park (727 N. Molter Road) — Featuring the city's familiar amphitheater stage, along with a skate park, baseball fields, playground, splash pad, and courts for basketball, tennis, and pickleball.  Learn more about Pavillion Park.
• Rocky Hill Park (24901 E. Mission Ave.) — With a picnic shelter, community garden, playground, fitness station, ball fields, and courts for basketball, tennis, and pickleball.  Learn more about Rocky Hill Park.
• Town Square (1421 N. Meadowwood Lane) — Home to the community Farmers Market that takes place on Saturdays from mid-May to early October.
• Liberty Lake Ballfields / The Diamonds (23606 E. Boone Ave.) — Located near the elementary schools, the city of Liberty Lake operates the baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and parking lot at this site.

There are multiple other neighborhood parks, pocket parks, and open space areas located within city limits. The city also has more than 25 miles of multi-use trails, three golf courses, and public access available to the Spokane River.

Nearby parks and open space include Liberty Lake County Park (south of the city limits and operated by Spokane County Parks; call 509-477-4730), a public boat launch (on 3rd Avenue, just off Molter), and the Stateline Dog Park (located 4 miles east of the city on Interstate 90). 

The city’s parks and open space level of service is 30 acres per 1,000 population, which is currently exceeded. The city offers a parks and open space level of service of 79.4 acres per 1,000 (34.3 acres per 1,000 not including golf courses).

Facility Use Permits are required for activities, functions, or events requesting scheduled use of:

  • The pavilion structure at Pavillion Park
  • Multiple sports fields at Pavillion Park
  • Rookie Field at Pavillion Park
  • The two baseball diamonds at the Ballfields
  • The picnic structure at Rocky Hill Park
  • Sports fields at Rocky Hill Park
  • The pavilion structure at Orchard Park (The Depot)
  • Two picnic structures at Orchard Park


To reserve a park or facility, please contact Tait Garcia at (509) 755-6700 or email Please note: All reservations must be requested no less than 2 weeks prior to the requested date, and a request does not guarantee a reservation. The city does not guarantee space or time outside of formal reservations, and park facility use is open on a first come, first served basis outside of formal reservations.
• Park Facility Rental Application (e-mail completed form to Tait Garcia)
• Sports Field Rental Application (e-mail completed form to Tait Garcia)
• NOTE:  Payments of any fees are NOT submitted at the same time as the application.  Fee statements will be issued AFTER the submitted application has been approved by city staff; any fees are then due upon receipt of the fee statement and can be paid in person at City Hall or over the phone with a valid credit card.  

Current reservations schedule:

Orchard Park Depot Shelter: 
- Inquire with City Hall for any reservations at (509-755-6700)
Orchard Park North Shelter: 
- Inquire with City Hall for any reservations at (509-755-6700)
Orchard Park South Shelter: 
- Inquire with City Hall for any reservations at (509-755-6700)
Pavillion Park Main Shelter: 
- Inquire with City Hall for any reservations at (509-755-6700)
Rocky Hill Park Shelter: 
- Inquire with City Hall for any reservations at (509-755-6700)

View a map of our parks and trails (PDF).

Take a walk through our parks and trails (PDF).

  1. Operations & Maintenance (Parks & Streets)

    Physical Address
    22710 E. Country Vista Drive
    Liberty Lake, WA 99019

  2. Jen Camp

    Operations and Maintenance Director

Special Events

Special events are defined as celebrations, fairs, festivals, marathons, tournaments, or other events generally recognized by the community and advertised as such that are open to the public or are deemed to be in high attendance with potentially high-risk activities. Due to the coordination required for community events, the city requires a special event permit be completed and submitted no less than 20 days before the proposed date. The city may contact you to schedule a meeting after submittal of this application. Special events require the review of several departments, and submission does not guarantee approval. Please contact City Hall for information and a Special Event Application.