Heights Overlay Phase 1

Phasing Plan

What You Need to Know This Year

Overlay work is scheduled on Valleyway Av and Mitchell Ct May 1st to May 5th; WORK AREA FOR THIS YEAR IS SHOWN IN RED
     Expect to see "No Parking" signs appear on Sunday morning (4-30-17) along the roadsides of Valleyway and Mitchell Ct.  Notification by door hanger will be provided to the residents with driveways along Valleyway and Mitchell Ct the week prior to the work.  Any schedule changes will be announced on the City website, Facebook page and by door hanger for the residents on Mitchell Ct and Valleyway.  Residents will be able to get to and from their driveways unless a piece of equipment is moving past their driveway or there is fresh, hot asphalt in front of their home.  In either case there may be a short delay getting into or out of a driveway.  Residents on the other streets (purple and yellow) in the Heights are encouraged to exit/enter the neighborhood via Sprague Avenue.  Emergency services can always drive through construction sites.

For any questions, please call Dennis Scott, Engineering Assistant at 509-755-6725.

Future Years

Work in 2018 is shown in purple and 2019 is shown in yellow.


Poe Asphalt was the low bidder at $141,005.88.  The City anticipates the work in 2018 and 2019 to cost near $200,000 each year.  All funding is from the City.