Park and Facility Information

Reservation Information

The City of Liberty Lake requires any group / organization requesting private use of a city facility or city park to obtain a City Facility Use Application/ City Park Use Application. A Special Event Permit is required if alcohol will be served or if sound amplification will be used.  A Community Event Application will be required if the public is invited for an event such as a marathon, parade, or other community event. Applications may be submitted in person at City Hall or by e-mail to For reservations fees, please see the application.  Payment can be made with credit card, cash or check.  If you will have more than 100 people at your event, there is an additional fee of $250.   If you have any questions about this process, or the application, please call 509-755-6700.

Picnic shelters are available on a first come, first served basis unless the facility has been specifically reserved. If a facility or park has been reserved, no other group may use the facility or park until the previous reservation has vacated.
Facility Use Permits are required for activities, functions, or events requesting scheduled use of:
  • Council Chambers at City Hall
  • Little House at City Hall
  • Trailhead Banquet Room
  • The picnic structure at Pavillion Park
  • Any sports field at Pavillion Park
  • The baseball diamond at Pavillion Park
  • The picnic structure at Rocky Hill Park
  • Any sports field at Rocky Hill Park


  • General non-scheduled use of city facilities
  • Other activities as determined by the director
Please note that general use of city facilities is subject to scheduled activities, functions, or events.

Other Requirements

The City of Liberty Lake may require additional permits, insurance, and/or deposit for certain activities, functions, or events. Please refer to City Ordinance No. 142 or call Recreation Services for more information.

Damage to City Facilities

The City of Liberty Lake requires that any damage to municipal facilities will be promptly repaired at the user's expense. Damage or excess clean up will be billed to user at actual replacement cost. There are no exceptions. The user hereby guarantees that the public property will be cleaned and returned to the to the condition in which it was found. If upon arrival user identifies a problem with the facility, please contact maintenance staff at 509-755-6723 to report the issue.

All facility use permit applications must be submitted to the City of Liberty Lake at least 15 days before the scheduled event date. In most circumstances, the applicant will be notified in writing of approval or disapproval no later than 10 business days after the completed application is submitted to City Hall.

Application may be submitted in person, online or mailed to City Hall. No reservations will be made by phone.